The Top Window Cleaning Hacks

top window cleaning hacks

Window cleaning can be a hard task, but with the right tools, it can be much easier and more enjoyable. Here you can learn more information about the top window cleaning hacks.

Use a Squeegee

An essential tool for streak-free windows. A squeegee helps to remove water and cleaning solution in a fast and easy way.

Use Microfiber Cloths

Use them to dry and polish your windows. Microfiber cloths are very absorbent and can help remove any remaining stains.

DIY Window Cleaning Solution

You can create your own affordable and eco-friendly window cleaning solution by mixing water and white vinegar or dish soap.

Use Coffee Filters

A great material for window cleaning. Coffee filters are lint-free and absorbent and perfect for shiny windows.

Use a Toothbrush

It is a great tool for cleaning small and hard-to-reach areas on the windows.

Use a Newspaper

An inexpensive and eco-friendly way to achieve streak-free and shiny windows. Newspapers are absorbent and a great tool to use when cleaning your windows.

Don’t Forget the Window Screens

In order to achieve sparkling windows, it is important not to forget the window screens as they an accumulate a lot of dirt.

These window cleaning hacks can help you get clean and shiny windows in no time! If you are interested in hiring a professional window cleaning team, check out Window Cleaning in Cyprus and get in contact for more information.